FactPile Award Guidelines

1.) A FactPile Award Nomination occurs when a clear majority of people ask for an award after a “victory” is declared.
2.) A “victory” is defined as which side would get the majority of “wins” if the fight was run one hundred times.
3.) Admin chooses which nominations to officially recognize with said award.
4.) Said award should only be given when the fight was fairly balanced, debated civilly (relatively) and no true counter argument exists that would upset the assumed victory.
5.) All FactPile Awards are final and cannot be challenged or over-turned. (This rule took effect 1.22.2012)
6.) No more “Wisdom of the Crowds” Zerg swarm arguments. This means when an email is sent with 11 people declaring a winner against one lone holdout, from this point forward, the entire match will be locked and all comments reviewed to declare winner if earned. Once determined, the thread will be re-opened. (This rule took effect 7.24.2012)
7.) 5 Year Rule. Effective immediately, any winner of a match can have their battle set into the past and a new fight can take place. So, the Star Wars Vs Halo match, which was originally posted on August 30th, 2008, could be up for a new set of rules and possible winner in September of 2013.
The previous award will not be revoked. Instead it can be used as a point of reference. Obviously, this rule can’t apply to the winner of the Super Bowl or any other event that is decided where it would be impossible to do over. (This rule took effect on 12.15.2012)

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