Wednesday, February 8, 2017

AK-47 Vs M-16

Another oldie from the past.

No one can deny the adaptability of the AK-47 and the amazing run it has had as the preferred weapon of choice for so many years.

The M-16 is the competitor that brings along it's own impressive set of configurations that allow for seemingly endless ways to customize the rifle to the owner's wants.

If you could only have one, and have a horde of zombies approaching, which would you want in your hands?

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    If I have a horde of zombies approaching me then unless they are walking slowly I'm not going to survive outrunning them and even if I surivive to empty the magazine I'm not going to survive long after that without ammo. The AK has a bigger bullet so that could cause more damage to the zombies /if/ I hit them. The M16 (... the one from vietnam?) if its the original wouldn't have all the bugs kicked out and the bells and whistles that modern m16 would have and may even hold less ammo in its magazine... Tough decisions here, I'm going to go with the AK because its heavier so I can better use it as a club as I am mobbed by zombies and eaten alive.