Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lord of the Rings Vs Star Wars Vs Harry Potter

For this match -

We are picking the particular powers that each franchise centers around:

Lord of the Rings - The Ring

Star Wars - The Force

Harry Potter - Magic

Who would win given each of these powers against the other?


  1. The force, given we have seen in the Kotor games that enough of it is capable of wiping out planets, where, for all their power, The Ring and Magic are single planet level.

    Side note, we need to advertise better. FB page, youtube video update. Something to get the news back out that FP is back online again.

    Third, a battle suggestion. Guts (Berserk) vs the Jojo Gauntlet (Each Jojo of Jojo's Bizzare adventure faced at their peak, one after another, in chronological order).

  2. Force is capable of some pretty Silly Shit.

    Good to see FP is back, Admin. I missed this place, even though I had stopped commenting for the most part.

  3. ... "Lord of the Rings - The Ring"? ... Is that some kind of joke?

    A SINGLE magical artifact Vs TWO whole magic systems?

    ... Ironically, the Ring might very well win. Given that it is at least a "thing", while the other two are simply magic systems with no one present to actually use them ON the Ring.