Saturday, February 11, 2017

Halo Vs Mass Effect

In the not too distant past, this was not even close (In my opinion). But since the first three games released in each franchise, the arrow is CLEARLY pointing up for the Mass Effect franchise, while Halo tries desperately to be more like Call of Duty with every release (Yes, I know they are purposely targeting that audience, and in doing so, have left old farts like me in the glorious past of the franchise).

With the next iteration of Mass Effect arriving in 2017, will Halo 6 even be relevant in 2018 when it comes out?

Which franchise is better?

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  1. Franchise wise? I think its hard to compare the two since they are different games that cater to different audiances. Mass Effect was third person shooter / bioware rpg, Halo was first person shooter. I personally really enjoyed Halo CE, Halo 2 was also highly enjoyable (although OP as fuck BR in multiplayer) Halo 3 I personally (but I know this opinion isn't shared and thats fine) think was as refined as Halo could be in both skill based multiplayer and story & campaign play. (Forge was a nice bonus to top off a complete package). Reach I feel was a step sideways, not a step back but not a step forward, I still enjoy playing Reach and messing on Forge World but I don't play it for multiplayer and I have ODST for firefight/Halo 'open'world. I cannot talk on Halo 4 as that game gave me cancer and I have not played Halo 5. I also really enjoyed Mass Effect, it was a compelling space opera with fleshed out characters and a thematic world to emerse yourself, all the bioware style (good and bad that implies) chucked into a third person shooter with casual rpg elements. Mass Effect 2 was a refinement on the third person shooter aspects (although I feel the thermal chip/clip things could be handled differently). Mass Effect 3 I feel failed in the story department but (aside from animations lol) did not fail in the shooter part. To cut my rambling short, I think determining which franchise is better would be highly arbitrary and subjective as mechanics wise they have little in common. Unless they make a Mass Effect FPS in the future. For the other Question (will halo 6 be relevant) If you want my opinion, It will be relevant only because Microsoft and 343 have a vested interest in making it relevant.