Monday, February 6, 2017

Bioshock Beatdown: Jack Vs Subject Delta Vs Booker DeWitt

This video match is one of the most debated posts on Youtube and I'm testing the features and other social platforms.


  1. Hey this is pimpmage, I'm a bit confused on how to get my wordpress account to work in the 'comment as:' part. It just sends me to the wordpress site.

  2. I think you have to be logged in with your Wordpress account if you pick that option.

  3. Hac148 here. Good to see you back, Admin. Let us know if you need anything to help get this place up and running, I'm sure with some elbow grease this place will be great. You should consider starting a patreon. More and more Pilers will find this place, and if we all chip in, I'm sure SOMETHING can be afforded.

    As for the fight, it, for me, has always come down to Delta and Booker. Ryan is tough, but taken out early. He has nothing resembling a shield, and has to choose between plasmids and his guns. He might team up with Booker as the human pair against the inhuman, but even if he does, he is dead by booker shortly thereafter. Between booker and Delta, I give the fight to Booker. His gear can make his melee option pretty damn wicked, and Vigors have always been the rough equal to plasmids. Delta has more advanced weaponry, but not so much that it makes up for a lack of shield. Booker's shield allows him to tank a lot more than Delta can. Booker will outlast Delta, and is just plain superior to Ryan.