Thursday, February 9, 2017

Scott Bernard (Robotech - Cyclone) Vs Boba Fett

Well, there is a certain date here on FactPile where I take liberties and post a match that I want to personally see.

Anyone who's been on the site knows that these characters are from my favorite franchises - Robotech and Star Wars.

Many people already know about Fett and what he brings to the table. For this battle, Boba Fett needs to capture Scott Bernard alive in order to collect his bounty.

The battle takes place at the crash site on Earth when Scott first lands on Earth.

The Robotech cyclone that Scott uses has the following stats:
Flying 180 mph
Missile Launchers
Gallant H-90

Fett cannot use the Slave I to help. Instead he must use his tracking capture skills to get his target.

Will Boba Fett collect his bounty?


  1. Unless Fett manages to ambush Scott while he is taking a piss or something I'm not seeing how he can get past the giant mecha in the room...

  2. The robotech cycle isn't a giant mech it's more like halo Spartan armor.