Friday, February 10, 2017

John Wick Vs The Terminator

With the arrival of John Wick 2, it's time to give him a challenge that would really test his limits.

Sure, almost all his kills are headshots (with a seemingly auto-aimbot enabled).  We know the Terminators are tough and *eventually* you would think that enough bullets to the head would slow the Terminator down.

Could Wick survive long enough to finish off his enemy? Keep in mind that Wick uses a lot of hand to hand and up close combat to achieve victory. Against a Terminator, that would be a bad move.

So, who would win this fight?


  1. As much as John Wick was pulling off headshots, the Terminator is kinda too durable for the likes of small fire arms.

  2. John Wick gets torn apart, quite possibly literally.

  3. John Wick uses his hand to hand skills to somehow eject the terminators fuel cell and it explodes killing them both.

    What? I'm using the same logic as the other posters. 'Because'

  4. If the terminator killed wick's dog, wick stabs it to death with a pencil.