Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chess Match: Who wins?

A bit of a different match.

For this duel we have a classic chess board.

The rivals approach and sit for an epic match of wits.

One person has the ability to see the future.

The other person can read minds.

Who would win this chess match?


  1. Hac148 here,

    Depends. Are they aware of the others ability? If so, the seer can plan ahead, and make his moves accordingly. It also matters HOW FAR ahead the seer can see. If it is unlimited, he will see the entire game in advance, and even if his opponent can read minds, his moves will be predetermined. Ultimately, the long game goes, very dependently, to the seer.

  2. what future would the seer see and what are their chess playing abilities? If the future is that the Mindreader wins how skilled is the Seer at changing the future? Wouldn't the Mindreader be able to read the thoughts of the seer as they are contemplating the future?